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failure to communicate
Here is a post for the porpoises of reassuring/alarming the people I stalk/passers-by/whoever looks at these things.

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Transformers 2014
Watched yesterday. In the rare bits where things weren't exploding, it was really quite ick. I'm not exactly seeing how the putative protagonists are better than the antagonists.

Entire cast is a faceless, nameless crowd of paper thin cliches. Possibly produced during a strange conjunction of writers' strike and a 2-for-1 sale on cgi.

[so about the shadowy chief enemy...]so there's this Seed doohickey and a Creator thing, and Optimus is a crusader/knight type... I'm gonna be very disapproving if the Big Bad doesn't end up being called The Pope or The Gardener.

I really need to back up my lj before my account expires. I wonder what happens to the extras... what does a free account provide these days?

Godzilla ( 2014) All the spoilers in the world review
[lt"s a love story, baby just say... no.]Watched a while
ago. The other watcher thought it was the Fluffiest Monster movie ever. I
thought it was a horrible no good very Bad Romance tragedy. Horrific, even.

Picture, if you will, your OTP of choice in a Vaguely Modern monster movie
AU. They are star-crossed lovers, meant for each other since before they
were born.

But then they are discovered. The evil scientists descend and forcibly
separate and imprison them, oceans apart.

Still, against the odds, they break out and find each other again.

BUT THEN, the most annoying and persistent sleazy old dude, like, old
enough to be their grandparent, tracks them down and inserts himself in the
middle of all their dates - the romantic picnics, the quiet strolls through
the city... He hits on them separately and together, gets handsy, suggests
threesomes, and generally makes a nuisance of himself, urgh.

In the climatic finale, suddenly our young lovers discover their crib has
been attacked by army ants, omg. And our hitherto harmless sleazeball turns
out to an emetaphiliac serial killer.


Somewhere while all this is going on, John Winchester runs about uselessly
chasing his own demons, while his son Dean-Sam follows him wringing his
hands and wondering if his own wife and kid are dead or hate him yet.
Fortunately, Jessie does not turn into ceiling barbeque.

Everyone except for Our Tragic lovers lives happily ever after.


side note: very impressive CGI employed to make it look like there really
is a giant man in a rubber suit stomping around the cities being stomped.

On the first day of clinicmas my true love sent to me
3 needle holes 2 plasters 1 stressed nurse and a cold compress for my hand.

Half-price fresh lobster
Still expensive, but not something you'd find every day even if you wanted

watched xmen
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Hospitals continue to be no place for the unsound
Still standing around. Crowded today - we are now parked two beds to a space.

remix redux
Ahahah. Cute remix of my Harry Potter/Merlin crack crossover doodlyficthing from one of those one-word prompt challenges. I would say it's funny both my remixers opted to remix crack, but nearly everything I write is crack.

Nice fluff. I like fluff. :)

Went to watch spiderman 2. Still like the characters, visuals are good, but the plot is a half-arsed mishmash of ideas, none of which are given much time or development and nothing is resolved.

Edit: wow. Parent just took another spill. She seems ok, but we will go hospital for a check. So much fun.

camelot remix!
The one written for me is a shiny, shiny post-series resurrection fic. ♡♡♡

All Our Long, Dark Ways

Most excellent. Don't read the original(s), it was a bunch of those 15 minute jokes I was tossing out for a while there, haha, which makes the remix a hundred times more awesome for tying them together while making sense.

I continue sick, not enough for sick leave (not anymore), but enough to be quite bleah about life in general.

Found my third white hair so far, and yoinked it for closer examination. It's pretty cool. It's actually colourless, and looks transparent like very fine nylon string or optic fiber. When I put it against my wet finger the part in contact disappeared from sight. There are probably more, but if they're all like that they'll be near impossible to find. I only caught the ones I did because I saw a flash of something shinier than usual. /magpie.

Water lilies
There is not enough DNW to express my feeling about being summoned outdoors
on social obligations on my days off, but I wandered off on my own for a
bit, and the water lilies are pretty.


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